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  • DT series desulfurization pump
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  • DT series desulfurization pump

    DT series desulfurization pump is horizontal,single-stage,single-suction axial-suction pump upheld by support or hanging bracket.The waterpower design,steucture design and cast materials of this series pumps uses and innovate strong pointin th would.They are high effciency,anti-corrosivr,low noise,high run,long use life and convenient for servicing.They can be widely used to transit limestone or plaster seristiey for power,artifical aluminium and artifiacl petrol industries.The high content of Chlorin Hydronium in serosity can be up to 60000 ppm,The PH value can be within 2.5-13,the temperature are lower than 65℃,and the weight consistency(Cw) can be up to 60%




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